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Houston Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crime allegations are among the most the most damaging criminal charges you can face. If you are convicted, you will face life-altering consequences, including the possibility of registration as a sex offender. In addition to the extremely harsh legal penalties, sex crimes also come with devastating and permanent social stigma.

Sex Crimes Committed Against a Child

Every sex crime accusation should be taken seriously, especially if the alleged victim is a child. While there is three-year rule (someone over the age of 17 cannot be criminally charged if within three years of age of the victim, so long as the victim is not under the age of 14 and there was consent), the penalties that are associated with this type of crime are severe and include:

In some sex crime charges (including those involving children), false accusations are made due to a divorce or other situation that is underlying the allegation. Being falsely accused can gravely impact your life and must be defended aggressively.

More Than 25 Years of Professional Legal Experience

Defense attorney Ned Barnett is the founding attorney of the Law Offices of Ned Barnett. The firm offers aggressive and understanding legal advocacy for sex crime defendants throughout the State of Texas.

Mr. Barnett is a former prosecutor with experience in state and federal courts. He brings an understanding of prosecution techniques and strategies to each case he represents, providing clients with knowledgeable and professional legal representation against any type of sex crime accusations. Mr. Barnett and his lawyers will study the facts of your case and determine the best course of action for defending you in court.

Even though a sex crime charge can affect you professionally and personally, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Barnett will do all he can to protect your rights and aggressively defend your case. Regardless of the circumstances of your charges, your case will be treated with professionalism and discretion.

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  • Former state and federal prosecutor

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If you are facing sex crime charges, it is absolutely critical that you contact the Law Offices of Ned Barnett as soon as you realize that you have been criminally charged. The sooner that you call, the sooner Mr. Barnett will be able to begin building your defense strategy.

To see what the Law Offices of Ned Barnett can do for you, please call our office or fill out an online case evaluation form today. We are available for evening and weekend appointments in order to discuss your case and to better serve you in your time of need.

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